Start up

Everything you need for your little corner of the internet.

We understand what it’s like to get ahead in a busy world to sell your product or service. We want to look after you, put you first so you can be first in your field. Allow us to use our expertise and experience for your gain.

You won’t be left with half a website, you’ll get everything you need and more in a compact, structured working package, one you can manage yourself, from adding words to pictures as often as you need. As your business grows, so will your website. When you need more, its simple, we’ll grow with you.

Lean on us, and allow Polar Design to take care of things, from bespoke design of your website around you and your business, to providing you an award winning Content Management System.

  • Expanse CMS admin
  • Limited pages
  • Bespoke, custom design

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