Avatar Simon Cook, Smugglers Catering

I can honestly say the website and promotional material Ian designs has and continues to be a huge part of the business. Working with Polar Designhas changed what we do for the better and he never stops coming up with ideas. In all a very creative man.

When we decided that we were going to earn our living from outside catering the easiest thing to us was actually doing the work! The difficult thing was telling people that we were here and that we could do a great job. Having never ventured in to the world of Web sites and Google and having already dismissed passive advertising on our budget we asked around to find a company to get us on line ( Whatever that was!)

After many hour talking and listening to people telling us about unintelligible blindings of science we nearly gave in and put an add in the paper! Then we met Ian who came along and listened, just listened! With a little prompting he got us to talk about what we had done, what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. (what a relief) he came up with a plan, designed some examples was happy to listen and give ideas then he went away and used that creative mind to produce a jewel of a piece of work.

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