Polar Design are pleased to introduce you to our latest creative product and service. We have the skills and equipment to create engaging video production resources to play within your services or online. Filmed in 1080p HD at your premises we can record, produce and distribute your video notices or messages to your entire congregation.

At an introductory rate of just £39.991 per video2 including filming, post production editing and distribution, now is the time to engage with your church through video.

1 Offer valid until 31st March 2018, normal price £49.99
2 Per 15 minute total video length

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Teaching Series

Our 15 minute approach to videography enables you to create short engaging.

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Video Notices

Create notices that don’t get forgotten about and can be reused all week on.

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Multi Person

Need more than one person filmed? Not a problem, we have direct microphone.

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Event Capture

Our expertise and video resources enable us to produce footage of your church.

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